Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silent Mike K interview

Mike K opens his vault. Here's an interview filled with typo's. It's almost like reading the A.D.D. records catalog

whats a typical Saturday afternoon like in Charlestown?

a. bunch of barfights and stabbings or...
b. i buy a large regular, read the papers, and watch whatever sporting event is on that day.

what is the most violent altercation you ever witnessed at the rat?

every time there was a violent altercation i was at pizza pad. i never saw a fight there
why does mark lind hang out with so many unloved musicians?

he's lying he's loved by many

I hear you were at the bill hatcher game when he stole home. is this true?

not only was i not there, but my parents only paid for the cheap cable (aka the "a" side,nesn was on the b side) and we didnt have nesn so i never saw the greatest event at fenway ( here's Mike K and Jarrod featured on NESN)

have you ever swam in the mystic river?

well one time me and my friends found a rowboat floating by itself so we jumped in but it drifted out to the harbor so i had to jump in to get back on land
mystic river, good will hunting, or spit my last breath?

is that my daughter vs its not your fault vs maldito. ill take maldito

unbuntu or moises tutupu?

ubuntu brought us number 17,with tatupu we got crushed by the bears. so ubuntu

rock or n roll?

roll by process of elimination since i hatre rock bands.(ps bar rock obreins -jarrod)

julio lugo or julie kramer?

overpaid sucky shortshop vs the girl that plays effeminate British bands around noon. obv kramer

pearse?pearse is a god among men,a gentleman and a scholar. known for his humor and sense of fashion and generosity and being in the mob. It sucks without pearse around which led to the catchphrase "wheres pearse?"

ringling brothers barnum and baileys circus thoughts...ever go to he big apple circus?

the circus smelled up the area all around causeway cuz of the elephants.big apple was for weird kids i'd say

tip o'neill tunnel or elevated central artery?

keeping the elevated central artery would have saved us like 13 billion dollars. it had more personality and history and birds shitting from above.

what are your thoughts on leaving route 128 ?

i cant stand it. i hate travelling or basically leaving the city. if im not in boston,Cambridge or somerville im uncomfortable and need to be back on my home territory.

the trouble or panic, no j/k why do you like the trouble more?

go listen to the split with 30 seconds over tokyo and play false about the covers-gang warfare,we take the blame,just like heaven,etc

if you were facing the unseen in the showcase showdown, who would come out as the ducky boy?messina in the chefs hat

"now there's a steal by bird, underneath to dj" vs Sarah Underwood

this is a tough one. its the greatest play in the history of sports. down by 1, bird steals it from isaiah, gets it to dj who lays it in. johnny most then starts screaming at levels that only dogs can hear. so brilliant to challenge the inbounds pass there. i get chills watching it to this day.
then there's "the wood"- for those that dont knnow shes basically the hottest newsbabe ever. and what makes it hotter is that she doesnt even need to try,shes just naturally a smokin hot babe. so hot.married to local sportswriter felger.seems like she has a good personality too
steal by bird just barely beats the wood.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mike K .....

MPC 000 (11:30:52 PM): dont you have some pic of some pooch with its ears blowing from a fan
JimmyFlynn12345 (11:31:08 PM): yep. i do

New BHC Compilation coming out

In Memory Of...Boston Hardcore tape comp
Coming Soon..
Featuring Dead Black, Hammer and The Nails,
The Rival Mob, Cops and Robbers, Fit For Abuse, A Poor Excuse, Close Call, Peace Creeps, Downhill Fast, Johnny Most, Fred Cussick, and more.

*Dubbed exclusively on Cedric Maxell Tapes

Guess That Ass?

My Brush with Death / Rental Car

So, a few weeks ago I almost had the best death ever. I have accomplished everything in life I ever dreamed. Saw the Red Sox beat the Yankees, Saw the Celtics beat the Lakers, played CBGB's twice, and even got to out with my high school crush (since broken up, but I can still get it off my checklist.) According to all counts, I've lived a full life by the age of 25. By no means do I want to die, but of ways to go down, this is way up there...

A few weeks ago, I had a hard days work, the kind of day where I was working like a dog. After this long day (noon-7:00pm), I decided I go for a nice slice of pizza from the best pizza place on Blackstone St, Haymarket Pizza. The route I took would bring me by down Causeway St, a four lane street outside the TD Banknorth Garden.
Here's the Scene:

(click to enlarge please)
Ferrari- Jimmy (that's me) Driving an SUV
Gas Truck- Gas Truck to my right, double parked
Military Tank - Dodge Caravan that cut on the yellow lines
Hummer - Illegally parked Honda (Hondo) civic

So, there I am, thinking about a nice $1.25 slice of Haymarket Pizza, driving by the Garden, when some son of a gun cuts OVER the double yellow lines. I act quickly...but unfortunately, I swerved right into the side of a gas truck. This could have gone one of two ways. I could have either blown up in a blaze of glory outside of the site that no less than one year after the 17 Time World Championship Boston Celtics destroyed the LA Fakers ...OR I could be $800 in debt for getting into an accident. I guess I'll take the $800 debt, but what could have been... Would this have happened if they didn't tear down the Elevated Green Line? Maybe...but who really knows?

With every good car accident comes a mediocre rental car. My insurance company ( Safety Insurance ) told me they would by no more than $29.99 a day for a rental car at Enterprise.

Enter the Kia Rondo..

aka The Point Guard.

Being a Boston Celtics (17X World Champions) season ticket holder, I took roughly 26 seconds to start making jo
kes about the car and Celtics' point guard Rajon Rondo.
Jokes like:

"Hey Mike, I'm bring the ball up 93 North, The lock can't defend me" to which he added "Rondo's driving the lane." I had big plans for this car.... For someone as ironic as myself, this car was a dream. Soon all the seats were covered in Celtics point guard jerseys.

<----Here's the drivers side passenger seats with a Dennis Johnson Jersey

My Master Plan:
Find 4 skilled "ballers" to take on a local team at Harlem, NY's Rucker Park.

My Master Game Plan:

-I play point guard, driving the Rondo up the court and passing the ball out the window.
-Nothing but bounce passed, lay ups, and 3 point field goals
-We all wear Larry Bird and Bill Russell jerseys and are from inside route 128 (Bird for White Kids, Russell for Black kids)
-Destroy Rucker Park kids in a game to 3
-get the hell out of there

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charlestown Elevated Orange Line Remnants

Some pictures I took today of remnants of the Charlestown Elevated Orange Line. It closed in 1975, but for whatever reason, these supports were not torn down. They're located just adjacent to the Alford St bridge.

Boston Elevated Railway Manhole cover

Support beams
Trolley Pole

Monday, June 22, 2009

The A Line Closed 40 Years Ago yesterday

This is part of my roll sign that I ripped out of a Trolley that was heading for the scrap pile. The Metro just did an article on the A Line. You can read that here. It's decent at best.
Here's the Wikipedia page about it

<<-- Here's a map with the A-Line still on it.

Some more A-Line pictures from

Sunday, June 21, 2009

WEYMOUTH....where do I start?

I'll start with three subjects: Siege, Jarrod, and Weymouth Face.

Warning: To any hc snobs, you will never know Siege like quincy/weymouth kids do.
1. SIEGE. Anyone that matters knows Siege and their influence on everything. Once specific thing they influenced was they city of Weymouth, MA. Home of Mary Lous, Eric Davies, and a purple line station. Crust kids internationally adore this band (for great reason), but not many people have been privledged enough to hang out with Siege fans from Weymouth. They are an impressive breed that buys epiphone guitars from South Shore music instead of changing strings. They are incredibly incredible. Bands like Red Rum, Kevorkians Angels, and Combat Death are living, yet broken up examples of the Siege ideology. One time i Saw Drummer of Siege , Rob Williams inside Bickfords of Braintree acting wierd. sooo wierd. Another time I saw him selling Nightstick cd's to the Blonde at Quincy Records. What a fucking crazy goose he is. Great drummer though. One of the few times I hung out with a Siege Weymouth person was when my friend Beakey (the train) picked one up named "Mark Kevorkian aka Dr Smooth" We stopped at a beer store and he bought no less than 30 red dogs. to make matters better, he drank them!

2. Jarrod Shanahan
Part of the big 3 of Irony involving himself, Pearse, and McCuddy. When President Obama was elected, no one was happier. He wasn't happy for the country, but for himself so he could make the joke "Bar Rock O'Briens". His two favorite things to discuss are politics and how awful the rock club O'Briens is. I happen to agree with him too. O'briens is like giving up.

To this day , Jarrod has never graced the staged of O'Briens

-Inventor of the Great Escape
-Graduate of Umass
-Played Romans
-Invented the polite decline...

People think the gang fights are what ruined posi numbers. nope. Bob Mac goes up to Jarrod and politely says "Hey man, i brought this trash bag, you wouldn't mind cleaninging this mess up would you?...Jarrod (with his arm around an attractive girl) says "Oh no, Don't worry about it, its fine"...Show promoter walks away defeated.....

3. Weymouth Face

As invented by Quincy Legend Mike Starr, Weymouth face is the epitome of being shallow. I googled Weymouth Girl and this is what showed up. I bet she has a great body and personality, but that face still lingers. how brutal is it?

"Fuck it up" .....Big Tom declared the hardest and sickest insane son of a bitch of all time, but in a good way

BHC legend Big Tom of B'zrker

The first time I met this intense character was 9/21/04 at 11:56 pm. Roughly 4 minutes before my 21st birthday. The location: An Tue Nua. ATN is an Irish pub located close to Fenway Park (where the Red Sox play). I had just witnessed a man get destroyed by a car outside The Gap (now Bertuccis) in Kenmore Sq. He got so fucked up that he died right there. I was like "Man, I need a drink" luckily right down Beacon St was "Lushlife Tuesdays." One problem though, I wasn't 21 until midnight. Enter Big Tom. I showed up 4 minutes ot midnight and he was able to squeeze me in. His wife works there, so im sure it was to big of a deal. Word got around that it was my 21st birthday and who but Tom decided to buy me my first legal beer and shot. Normally when that happens to a nice young kid on his 21st birthday its great, except for me. Big Tom, the aforementioned Hardest, Sickest, motherfucker of all time buy me a shot and says "You better no puke." Maybe he was being a silly goose, but I've heard stories of the B'zrker reunion... VIOLENT stories.... stories like when him and his other rapscallion friends locked the door to he middle east and Big Tom says "You're all fucked". Not sure if everyone got fucked, but from what I hear, if you got thrown over the bar, you were lucky. So back to my story.. This is a lot of pressure on me. Obviously I didn't puke cause I wouldn't be here to tell there story.

UPDATE from Tre McCarthy:
Today at 4:57pm
That Big Tom story was at the Middle East, but downstairs. During Converge. The "Body Bag" was from a friend of ours, and Jake gave him the bag at some point... mid set? Before? Can't remember, and said something along the lines of "I want you to fill this"

Silent Mike speaks:

MPC 000 (3:17:59 PM): awesome. i dont know if this can get in there, but he has my alltime favroite quote. he got in a fight at the middle east upstairs i think and yelled at the entire room "i was here before you all, i'll be here when you're gone, and while im here i'll do whatever the fuck i want"
MPC 000 (3:17:59 PM): i gotta go finish the herald, ill be back soon


I have no idea who this could be other than a gracious soul. A modern Mother Teresa if you ask me. Picture taken at Burger King in South Boston at the corner of Broadway/D Street

Ryan Packer, local barber and guitar player from Jason Bennett and the Resistance. Formerly of GFY and Abington bands ,reveals his first tattoo. I know its a bit hazy, but that is indeed a Sam Black Church tattoo

"Dude, how bout them Sox? Dice K sux kud"

Apparently some union worker had too much time on his hands and decided to represent the local 9.

"I'm white washing this disgusting floor"

The legendary Matt Duffy not only buys everyone drinks, but cleans selected peoples houses. A true multi-tasker

"Jambalaya Baby"
Sticker depicting the 1996 New England Patriots run to the Superbowl. Picture taken at the corner of Kirkland/Washington/Beacon St on the Cambridge/Somerville line

Aspiring Comedian/musician constantly dealing with hecklers and assholes

John Liam Policastro ,a modest comedian/rocker from Mission Hill via Jersey City always puts up with raunchy behavior from people.From the first time he opened up for Converge, a local drummer named Chris Strunk heckled him while sitting Indian style. Now let's fast forward to late spring 2009...JLP is sitting at Charlies enjoyed a draft and his Lovely Lads shirt and all of a sudden some sick son of a bitch in Khaki's shoves his wedgie right in his face. right in his face! The only thing he could say was "I come out celebrate Mike K's 26+6 birthday and some butthead sticks his ass in my face." Does anyone have manners anymore? I feel that Mike K is partly to blame for this. You can take the 26+6 year old of out Charlestown, but asshole townies will follow.

McCuddy Update

Mike McCarthy, the Quincy one, not from A Poor Excuse/For The Worse one is currently taking pictures of Chinese people and fat black women on the subway. Another ordinary father's day for a Quincy kid. I just received these...