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Another "If I had a Time Machine" entry

So I still do not have enough money to buy a time machine, but when I do (and I will) raise the sufficient funds, I will go to 1984. Why 1984? Well let me tell you...

The time machine will magically warp me to the parking lot of North Quincy station. I'll take a quick glance at my high school which is conveniently located across the street. I imagine the school looked roughly 150% the same as it does now, so it won't be that interesting. Still it deserves a glance. Much like 3 out of 5 days in high school, i will hop inbound on the red line and go to the hub (of the universe) via Columbia station.

First I'll get off at the pre renovation South Station and walk down Summer St. I imagine with all this time/subway travel that I worked up a heck of an appetite, So i'll grab a quick slice to eat at the A street deli at the corner of Melcher st. If anyone reading this knows me, you know where I'm going next...The Gillete headquarters, no I'm just joshing you, I'm going to the Channel to see a live punk concert. I can really only afford a huffy-like quality time machine, So I only have a few hours left. After I peep the Channel, I need to head over to the Old Garden to catch a C's game. 1983-1984 was the only championship season to feature the "big 3" (DJ, Max and Gerald Henderson), so obviously I need to catch a quarter of roundball I fuckling love black athletes so much, like soo much.

After all that testosterone on Causeway st, I'll unwind in the Combat Zone... I'll hop on the orange line and take it to essex where the pink pussycat is. I know i'm only 25, but I really don't think pink cats ever existed, so I have no idea what "pink pussycat" could mean. No, there i go being a goose again, I now what they are alluding to! Well my day is done so i will head back to North Quincy, pay my $3.00 parking fare and vamouse back to 2009.