Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From Trumbull to Glastonbury

so what have you been up to
u got a girl now?
Jimmy Flynn 11:52 pm
from glastonbury
, ct
Owen Black 11:52 pm
does she know standhard
Jimmy Flynn 11:53 pm
she doesnt even know what b9 is
Owen Black 11:53 pm
Jimmy Flynn 11:54 pm
i mean come on
Owen Black 11:54 pm
yo peep this fuckin video for this pizza spot in my hood
Jimmy Flynn 11:55 pm
i dont date anyone that knows who standhard is
just gustofson
Owen Black 11:57 pm
do u know gary decker
Owen Black 12:02 am
why not? is your blog still alive?
Jimmy Flynn 12:03 am
it will return with this post
Owen Black 12:09 am
thats great news

Dear readers and GF (when you read this) Gustofson is the fictional name of a real person named Jesse Standhard. He is from Glastonbury, CT and has been indicted of several accounts of locking an unnecessary item to the stoop of Newbury Comics on Newbury Street in Boston, MA. He was never convicted though.