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Come celebrate the very special co-release of ..


Friday January 14, 2011

Hosted by Jimmy Flynn and Jarrod Shanahan

PEARSE MCGRATH (Rival Mob) "What's Happenin'?" Q&A Press Conference- aka Pearse Conference 2011. Pearse will be taking questions on a variety of serious topics such as the ten day long car jam in China, Wollaston is the late 90’s, and why he has an unhealthy hatred for Jeff Goldblum and Robin Williams.
*Possible guest appearance by Evan Radigan.

CHOPSTICK MURPHYS PUBLIC BUSINESS MEETING – Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a CSM business meeting? Now is your chance to experience the life of a wealthy group of investors. People are encouraged to suggest new possible Irish/Asian dishes the restaurant can offer in the new year.

and more

WINE AND CHEESE STATION- warm up by a digital fire place on a tube tv
LOW LIGHT ATMOSPHERE (So its not awkward)

Plus so much more insanity as we think stuff up...


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-Abandonded subways
-Reviews of various things
-Even more various things

Interviews with:

Dance Floor Justin (Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Mental, The Spice Boys, etc)
Adam 12 (WBCN, WFNX)
Mikey Flynn (Last in Line, Out Cold, The Prowl, etc)
Pat Flynn (Have Heart, Wolf Whistle, Nirvana 2)

Mix Tape with:
mostly unreleased songs from Dead Black, The Trouble, United We Stand, Henchmen, Wrecking Crew, Crossface, PBoy, The Bad News, Combat Death, Jaguarz, A Poor Excuse, The Strikers, The Rival Mob, Pitfall, Self Abuse, Sonic Luther King, XBoozehoundX, Brando, Cops and Robbers, The Prowl, New Lows, Shipwreck, Downhill Fast, and Nirvana

Send $6 (or $4 for just zine) to:
Reflections on Imperfections Fanzine
68 Dane St (REAR HOUSE)
Somerville, MA 02143

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Out December 3rd.

Interviews with
PAT FLYNN (North End, New Bedford, Wolf Whistle, Have Heart)
MIKEY FLYNN (Westfield , Last In Line, The Prowl, Out Cold, etc)
DANCE FLOOR JUSTIN (West Roxbury, Drums, Mental )
plus other random garbage

Tape Comp featuring mostly unreleased songs from Dead Black, The Trouble, United We Stand, Henchmen, Wrecking Crew, Crossface, PBoy, The Bad News, Combat Death, Jaguarz, A Poor Excuse, The Strikers, The Rival Mob, Pitfall, Self Abuse, Sonic Luther King, XBoozehoundX, Brando, Cops and Robbers, The Prowl, New Lows, Shipwreck, Downhill Fast, and Nirvana

Send $4 to:
Reflections on Imperfections Fanzine
68 Dane St (REAR HOUSE)
Somerville, MA 02143

Saturday, November 13, 2010

KOSHERLAND action shots.

Last Night was one of the most boring nights in history of ever so I decided to take a late night walk with my Ipod. I was listening to Winchendon, MA's So Be It when I strolled into a sick and twisted neighborhood called Kosherland. The best way this place is that it is an East coast version of Candy Land (Much like Cambridge is to Berkeley). Here are some pictures I was able to capture with my phone of Kosherland's most famous landmarks and eateries.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


They should be available within the next few weeks at the GZ proshop. Mail order information will be available as soon as I learn all the details.
Also: My roommate Peter Luther King and I were just watching TNT's broadcast of the latest Celtics victory over the Heat and an advertisement for The Huffington Post came on. I was immediately won over by the advertisement and checked out their website. Not a bad site at all. I came across this one columnist/blogger named Katherine Marshall....As you can clearly tell by these pictures of her, she totally has a face for radio. But that's neither here nor there. I strongly suggest you checking out her articles on Judaism and Global Justice. or her blog that reveals to you the "*tips and tricks for the new (& broke) entrepreneur."

New Austin Lemieux (feat. members of Outbreak) art for sale

Cock around the clock...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

N' ROLL... This is what makes Rock look awful

See these dice? do those flames look like they are going fast? Do those flames look like they are rocking and rolling faster than the speed of light? Do those flames make you want to shake your knee to a healthy "Rock N' Roll" riff? Do you drink PBR and wear cowboy hats (Pboy's observations,) Do you love Social D? Again, do you shake your knee like a rockin cowboy? a motherfucking rockin cowboy?

I write this from Subway in Fields Corner next to Tedeschi's, National Guard, and Dunkin' Donuts. I would love to see a Rockin cowboy roll down Dot Ave shakin a leg. The best thing you could ask for was somebody "shakin" their fist in anger in response and mentioning thier $5 dollar footlong. My suggestion is that those flamin' dice stop, drop, n' roll to extinguish the fire.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Celtic Pride via Mike Lipizzi

Credit: Mike Lipizzi

Boston Bruins Vs. New York Rangers

I went to the exhibition of hockey skills last night between the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers. The venue was the new Boston Garden and even though they lost, it was a great time. My good friend Mike K had an extra ticket and invited this old Irish dog. Bruins game are are the best. No better place can you find Bostonian's in their most raw form. It's like the Franklin Park Zoo of people. The Garden was also a great venue to hand out some Chopstick Murphys menu's during the DKM music video. Mike K and I had a conversation about BURN and made jokes like "Zdeno Chaka" and "Pat Burn." Here are some fun pictures I took at the hockey match...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

CHOPSTICK MURPHYS - Boston's first Irish Pub/Asian Nail Salon/Asian Cuisine establishment

So let me preface this genius idea is nothing I could have come up with all by myself. Sometimes when I have free time, I like to meet with intelligent people and think up fail proof business plans. This particular group of future entrepreneurs included Pearse McGrath, Erick Vlassidis, Lynn K, Mike K, and small (but important) input by Brian Wilcox.

So yesterday was just another lazy Saturday afternoon in Boston. I made a few phone calls and we decided to meet up an the Mount Vernon restaurant on the Somerville side of Sullivan Sq.
I would best describe this place as an old timey type place where Charlestown people go to break their "code of silence" after drinking. It's best known for it's "Twin lobster special." Anyway, we finally all arrived and started having light hearted conversation, which was great, as was my roast beef sandwich. Then we noticed him.

This guy was everything that Ben Affleck wishes he could portray in a movie. The ULTIMATE townie. He was having a private conversation to an open eared gentleman next to him, but he was so loud that people on the passing orange line could probably hear him. In just twenty minutes he touched on such topics as the Red Sox buying Liverpool, some guy with the last name Doherty, Prince William, "low lifes from Winchesta," BH High hockey, the IRA, Whitey Bulger, Police "Unda cova, ova cova, I don't care. I can't lose, I'm like teflon", Davis Square , and the 1980 USA Hockey team. An 11 out of 10, such an exaggerated townie that I almost questioned if he was real. He even got so drunk that he tried to remove a black man's leather scally cap and put it on backwards. Then he went silent. Because he went outside to smoke. the place all of a sudden became overwhelmed with awkward silence until a waitress went up to a co-worker and said "Hey. wanna see a picture of my sista's new pet hampsta?" i knew I was getting into a great people watching situation, but this was next level.

For some reason that got us thinking about Dorchester Ave. Dorchester (Dot) Ave. is most likely the highest ratio of Irish Pubs, Asian nail salons, and various forms of Asian Cuisine places in all of the universe. They all seems to be really successful too. So here's our idea.. Why not take all the best elements of Dot Ave and combine them into one perfect mix of Irish people, Irish Americans, and all Eastern Asian people all enjoying one business. Our idea was "Chopstick Murphys." The name fits because of the eating apparati Chopsticks, and the local Irish-American punk act Dropkick Murphys. Both references are adored by the masses. We are still working on a full menu but some of our preliminary dishes are:

1. Siam Black Church
2. Corn Beef and Crab Rangoons
3. "Dude I Chicken fingered a girl last night"
4. Pu Pu Claddagh
5. Paddy Thai
6. Roasted Ducky Boys
7. Kung Pow-Mia
8. Shepherd's Pai (made in a wok)
9. Never Forget Chicken Man Chow Mein
10. Boiled Din Sum
11. Duck of the Irish
12. Orange Chicken up to Boston
13. Wontons of Napalm (Boo Boo platter)
14. Springa rolls
15. Sheer Teriyaki
16. MK's Fit For A Moo Shu
17. Thai Must They / Peking Crew (Edamame served with Peking Duck)
18. Sweet and Sour Pete
19. Cut The Shrimp (aka The Paddy's ova, one of the greatest dishes ever made)
20. Boneless Spare Ribs Brigade
21. Pboi New Lo Mein
22. Genreal Tso Be It
23. Shaq Foo Young
24. Buddha from Blood for Blood's Delight
25. Eddie House Special Chow Mei Fun
26. Dave Tree's famous Superpower 88 suppa
27. Lobster Freeman
28. Dumplingtruck (The Wong Side)
29. Ricey McHaggis
1980. The Miracle on Rice - this will feature rotating ingredients all cooked in our famous "Wok of Boston"

Cocktails and Beers:
1. New Kids of the Rocks
2. Suffering Maldito...Bastard
3. Scorpion Honkeybowl
4. Kieran Ichiban

-Tuesday will feature "Tsang Tsau!, Sing Proud!" Karaoke night. Duets between Chinese and Irish are encouraged
-Thursdays will feature a dance night called "Saigon Baby Gone." It will feature a dress code of Lee jeans and either a scally cap or Chinese bamboo (Raiden from Mortal Kombat) hat. Sponsored by Supporo with precedes going to our "Supporo the Troops" fund. resident DJ Big Tong

also of note:
-Kitchen staff will be known as the "Boys on the Woks"

Saturday, October 16, 2010

HEROIN VS. MAGIC THE GATHERING. Worse American Epidemic?

Last night I found myself listening to Failure and Year of the Rabbit. Ken Andrews is the singer of both bands and is obviously heavily influenced by hard drugs. Here's the thing though, the music is so good and obviously heroin had something to do with it. Then I started thinking about Magic The Gathering (MTG) and how fucking much it sucks. I then found myself trying to figure out what is actually a worse habit. We all know heroin is insanely stupid and dangerous, but it has provided us with some great additions to American culture. What has MTG done for us? I will try and make a strong argument for my stance on this issue. I truly believe that MTG is a worse epidemic than the life threatening heroin.

Reason #1 Look at heroin users heroes..Yeah, 2/3 of them are dead, but we're still talking about them all the time.

Now look at MTG fiends heroes:

I mean, come on. You are obviously going to hang out with the heroes of the hard drugs over "Counterstrike" or whatever the hell his name is. I know he isn't even real, but he might as well be because MTG fiends believe he is

Reason #2 - Lets take a look at your average every day run of the mill heroin addict..

This young junkie is still able to retain his youthful handsome looks and have a keen sense of fashion and you can tell by his bitchin' leather jacket. Some of the coolest people I know wear leather jacket. I bet he will still go on to lead a semi successful life unlike these pieces of garbage below.. Starting at a young age, these kids have developed complete dependency on MTG cards. I know it's sick, but it's a sick world and I'm not here to sugar coat anything. I look at this picture and see dungeree shorts that go beyond the knee, adults and underage boys interacting, and some magazines on the counter. They are probably some vile underworld taboo freak zines. So I rest my brief but well thought out case for MTG being a worse leech on America's youth.

Andrea Marshall Interview. Part 1/?

So here's an interview with Andrea Marshall. Andrea's interview is the introduction of a new element to the "Reflections on Imperfections" Fanzine blog thing. I'm showing a new side of myself so I have decided to temporarily stray away from the normal MBTA/WBCN/Boston Hardcore theme (how Boston Herald is that?) and interview one of the 125 most dynamic people to ever emerge from Montclair, Massachusetts. If you are not familiar with Montclair, it is basically just an extremely regal way of saying "on the other side of the tracks, North Quincy, MA." Andrea is an accomplished graduate of Parsons School of Design (which is located on the Fifth Avenue of Manhattan (I think?) ) and she has appeared on the Martha Stewart television program . She might kill me for linking that Martha Stewart video, but I really hope not. But its possible. Her personality is a unique mix of 27% Quincy, MA , 29% New York, NY, 7% early Madonna, and 37% other things. Our relationship can best be described as a mix of Facebook friends and ex-potential future sister in law. A mix more and more of us are coming to know in these sad economic times.

What are you doing this weekend?
Tonight I am going to drink alot of wine and cook dinner for my friends. Tomorrow and Sunday...Painting, Painting, Painting, Coffee, Yoga, Tea, Listening to Erykah Badu and more Painting!

You were on on the Martha Stewart show right? Actually I already know you were. How was her personality with the cameras off?
She liked my dress!

What is your ideal early fall Saturday afternoon in New York City?
MOMA and Venti Starbucks Misto No Foam (2% Milk), headphones blaring Tell Me by Groove Theory on repeat.

What is your ideal late May day in Quincy, MA?
Already happened.... Drive-Bys with Megan Cassidy in her old convertible listening to That's The Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson...with Iced Coffees from Coffee Break...

Top 7 celebrity experiences you have ever had that don't involve Chelsea Clinton?
Umm, Boy George, Boy George, Boy George, Boy George, Boy George, Boy George, Pras

What was the name of that fruit stand you took me to once in Manhattan?
The Golden Banana

What kind of conditioner do you use?
Dumb Blonde by Bed Head

You had the most controversial prom dress in North Quincy high School history..years later what are your thoughts?
"If you got it flaunt it, or at least decorate it for the holidays"

Did you know that Papa don't preach is my favorite Madonna song?
Do you know what mine is...?

Do you enjoy the Fung Wah bus at all? If So, best experience? If not, how come?
I did at one point enjoy the Fung Wah bus.... Best experience... 2001, early December, freezing cold, listening to Alicia Keys Songs in A minor "Mr Man"...I had black hair and was wearing a funny Marc Jacobs suit with stiletto boots....I got dressed up and I was really excited bc I was going to boston just for the day to see a guy I had a crush on...

top 12 singles for this week and why
Tell Me-Groove Theory
One Step Ahead-Aretha Franklin
Muffin Man-Frank Zappa
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps-Sam Cooke
She's Only In My Hair-Prince
How Come You Don't Call Me-Alicia Keys
Honey-Erykah Badu
Love That I Found-Led Zeppelin
Here Comes Your Man-The Pixies
Circus-Britney Spears
November Rain-Guns N Roses
Paranoid-Black Sabbath
Pour Some Sugar On Me-Def Leppard
Miss Me Blind-Culture Club

If you could be anyone else in the world, who would it be?
Mary Magdalene

What is the best thing you have ever done?
My "Search For The Holy Grail" Painting is the best Painting I have ever done and the artwork I am the proudest of.
Forming the glam fab musical dance group, The Voodoos!

are you really proud that you made it out of Quincy?
...I don't want to jinx myself

have you heard Slash's new project? and did you know he is only 46?
Did you know there is a poster of Slash above my bed...

have you ever had a better lasagna better than your dads?
No, I have not! We are Italian...what do you expect..

ok pretend its august 21, 2007. partly cloudy, where would you go out to dinner?
If in Boston, Tapeo on Newbury Street...Spanish Tapas are perfect for a hot august night
If in NYC, Fanelli's Cafe on Prince St and Mercer

What is your favorite soft cheese? hard cheese?
I like all cheeses...especially goat and sheep.. I always love Manchego!
Recently I had Ricotta drizzled with Basil infused Olive Oil and it was delicious

Your biggest pet peeve?
Hang nails, dry skin, lack of pedicures

The ultimate fashion faux pas?
copying someone else's style....i don't care if you like ugly individual!

What are you going to be for Halloween?
Jason in a mini dress

this is part 1. The next part will feature follow up questions because I am really curious about
1. Jason in a mini dress
2. A real answer to Martha Stewart's personality
3. What she cooked for dinner for her friends
4. How Italian her family really is

Friday, October 15, 2010

Keith Powers Interview. part 1 of my "People from NYC" series

Thiis an interview with my good friend Keith Powers. He is unlike most people I interview for this piece of crap blog. How so? Well he grew up in NYC and is named after Keith Richards (no lie).

What are your thoughts on Pearse?
It goes without saying that Pearse is the most awesome dude around (besides us two handsome gentleman). Always quick with a joke or a compliment or a witty-one line, Pearse is a funnier, better dressed, nicer version of basically everyone.

If Pearse was a sports player besides Derek Jeter, who would he be?

Wow. That's the best question I've ever gotten. After watching the 30 for 30 on him, I'd go with Vlade Divac. I was going to go with Kevin McHale, because of the Boston connection... but now I'm just pretending I know a lot about Kevin Mchale. PS Drazen Petrovic was awesome.

If Pearse was on the NY Football giants, who would he be?

Steve Smith, not a lot of flash but just a steady performer.
oh come on.

No good?

you can do better. it doesn't have to be a current player

Jeff Feagles baby. PS Only person you'll meet who owns a Jeff Feagles jersey.

How do you like the New Giants Stadium ? I called it that for you. None of this meadowlands crap.

You're so good to me. It's pathetic that they don't have a name yet. It's OK - lots of people don't like it but I got a seats upgrade so who am I to complain? Back to Pearse for a second: Pearse is the guy you draft in the second/third round of a fantasy football draft and never look back. Let the other guys take the rockstars, you take Pearse and win the league.

I can agree with that. (for people that don't know about football drafts, the second and third rounds are still very important)

Did you hear the Boston Patriots got Deion Branch back?

I did. Seems like they're trying to re-live the glory days. I should take this moment to start a mini-rant about how ridiculous it is that they're the NEW ENGLAND patriots and not the Boston Patriots. They get like 6 states? Ridiculous.

fuck the other 5 states

my thoughts exactly
did those other states produce downhill fast? exactly (cue correction that Austin is from Maine)

Well Maine used to be part of Massachusetts
I would love to build a tunnel under New Hampshire

That's right.. that was so weird How is there not a venue called The Plymouth Rock?

I'm not sure, but did you know there is a rock in Plymouth, MA that the pilgrims supposedly landed at?

The pilgrims just sound made up

Did you know the Red Sox used to be called the Pilgrams

that makes sense but that's an awful name
Yeah, like The Highlanders (Yankees first name) is any better. Do you miss Yankee Stadium, Giants Stadium, NYC Crime, or CBGB's most?
Tough call, but solid question. I'd say it's CBGB's in the end... they built new stadiums and now 80% of the time I'm the toughest person on a given block. I miss CB's stage dives.
I miss playing there. as if I did it all the time..

Lots of memories there - Danny BK getting banned at age 15, Jarrod using the awful facilities there, KYI shows, just everything Haha I remember when DHF played there Thats when the Jarrod thing happened
I miss covering Burn and forgetting the lyrics

I saw some legendarily awful shows at CBGB's, probably more than most people On The Rise + 30 bands that stink

Bands that stink like Kill Your Idols?

KYI was one of the best. I saw them on St. Patty's day with like 20 other people and CB's for some reason had tables + chairs set up... meaning chairs and tables got crushed when KYI came on. I wasn't there for the show when Andy got busted though
I'm just being a goose. Nothing ruffles NYHC folk's feathers more than saying KYI sucks
Haha. At this point its probably true.. for people my age and around it. KYI was underrated for years but by the end was an important band for a lot of people They're not 'sacred' like other bands though whatever that really means KYI did it right though, saw them in 2004 in a house in Indianapolis.. like 15 people showed up but it was so awesome an dthe played great

Favorite NY post headline?

"Ho No" about the Spitzer thing wasn't bad. Everyday is an amazing one. I hope they're paying that guy good money. "Headless Body in Topless Bar" was a famous one
I personally loved "Giant Idiot" about your boy Plaxico Burress

That job and doing like the 30 second announcements on WFAN have to be two of the top gigs around in NYC

Do you miss The Mad Dog?

I don't like Mike Francesca, and I definitely don't like him by himself. So yes. Mad Dog's rants were legendary. Max Kellerman on ESPN Radio was awesome

Do you like the New York Knickerbockers?

I was born and raised a Knicks fan, so its in my blood. But I became a lowly Nets fan at some point in the mid-90's and so I technically root for them. More because the NBA is a joke and I might as well go full in on the joke.

I honestly wish the Knicks were good.As did Red, in the early days of the NBA he pushed to give them extra draft picks so create a hoop buzz in ny and the buzz is obviously there, but the teams are atrocious

Me too -- NYC is a basketball town and if the Knicks and St Johns become good again, it's gonna be a fun, fun time to be around. NBA has become a sport that you need prime time guys to win and without that you're nothing. contracts and high draft picks. the knicks did awfully with both.

I would love a Celtics/ Knicks rivalry

Boston vs. New York has given me the greatest and worst sports moments of my life.

they just havent been good at the same time since the early 70's

Can you guys lend us Jon Lester for the ALCS?


ah all right

Do you think the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is too tame now?

Its running on fumes now. It only matters because of standings, not because of personal feelings. Remember when BHC and NYHC were supposed to be enemies....? or something?

Not really. because NYHC is a lot like the Knicks and BHC i alot like the 17 time world champion Boston Celtics

Haha. You mean NYHC stinks now?

Oh yeah

Nice. I need to run in a minute or two. We wanna do any last questions?

Where are you going?

meeting a friend for lunch

What are you going to order?

Chinese food - one of the lunch specials. Lo Mein? And a side order of please don't give me salmonella.


1. French's Classic Yellow Mustard. This particular mustard is a personal favorite of mine. On opposite day. I have never seen a product turn a beautiful girl into something you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole so quickly. Well at least until she brushes her teeth. This actually happened to me with my first girlfriend Alexandra. Let me take you back to 2002, June to be specific. i had just graduated from North Quincy High School and my graduation gift was finally getting to date the girl I had a crush on for the majority of those years. So obviously this ruled. Then I found out she loved mustard. Like so much. From that point on I knew I would have to share her with a squeezable bottle of French's from time to time. It's something that I finally came to terms with, but I just couldn't kiss her for like an hour after her eating this mustard. It's almost like waiting an hour to go into the pool so you don't get cramps. But the cramps would be mental anguish. Luckily she didn't really eat mustard too often, so things were good for the most part. But there is a reason I am still talking about this. The only positive thing I can say about French's mustard is that it remind me of the Red Sox sweeping the Yankees in the late 90's. There was a French's mustard sign on the first base side of the upper deck at old Yankee Stadium. I was there and kept looking at the sign because I hated French's so much. The Patriots also beat the Jets that day.

2. Guilden's Spicy Brown Mustard - So by this point I am sure you have realized that I just despise mustard. This mustard reminds me my old house at 93 Faxon road in North Quincy, MA. 1987 would be the year. I remember seeing this half eaten jar on the door of the fridge with old caked up mustard on the outside. My dad used to make ham sandwiches for his employees the night before work and leave them in the fridge. (This actually might be my earliest memory to be honest.) I remember ripping the child lock off the fridge and selfishly grabbing a ham sandwich. What an asshole move right? Anyway i tried to shove as much of it down my throat before my mom could pry it away from me. The taste in my mouth was just horrific. This was my first encounter with mustard and it was just vile. i really blame them for not getting a better child lock.