Sunday, March 13, 2011

Questions I've been thinking about in the past ten minutes?

-What does the the "A" in A. Sherod Blakely's name stand for?
-How many Euro's has Paul Pierce played with?
-Is claiming someone you have a crush on so that your friends don't make a move on them an honorable thing to do even if you're too much of a pussy to make a move?
-Do photocopies look good on magenta paper?
-Do you love watching the Celtics wear their home white jerseys, but you would rather wear an away green jersey?
-Would you rather talk about how nice the weather is or how crazy Charlie Sheen is?
-Are you sick of people in denial that say "All Skrewed Up" isn't a racist record but then they get drunk and sing songs from the racist records?
-Are cock blocking friends worse than friends that cheat with your girlfriend behind you back?
-Would you throw a rock at the fortress lock while wearing a sock or hit a jock with a rock in a sock?
-Is being in an awkward situation with a girl better than having no situation with a girl?
-What is Judge Ito doing these days?
-Should I listen to the Hammer & the Nails 12" while hanging out with Hannah Neale?
-Is Kendrick Perkins really missed on the court?
-How cool is Pearse?
-Do I have A.D.D.?
-Do I?

Please reply with your answers...