Monday, August 9, 2010

Mid Summer Update!

The North End is fun though. The free for all on Blackstone Street every Fri+Sat always delivers one way or another. Here we have a sign describing the product with such precise detail:
Also, over the summer there has been this woman in a bathing suit selling dogs on the Rose f. Kennedy Greenway:
Yep, That is Silent Mike K on his way to the SoWa open markets Food Truck festival. Quote of the Day "I'm like SoWa I'm drunk"

I went to Cape Cod, MA about a month ago which was spectacular. Spent the day with the girlfriend. We went to Provincetown, MA to start things off and it was "Bear week." That was awesome. I took some pictures, but I seemed to have lost them. so here is one I found off of's image search:The next day we went to Chatham, MA and I found this incredible book:
That's me holding "A Passion for Sea Glass" for those who don't know, I (along with Austin Lemieux) am obsessed with sea glass, fools gold, and leather pouches.

Here's the old Cape Cod Coliseum in Yarmouth. Legendary punk rock bands like The Clash, the Ramones, and The Grateful Dead played here. Its some sort of warehouse now. I do realize the pictures sucks
and lastly for tonights entry I recently visited the Deluxe cafe in the South End, MA. Years ago I went on one of my first dates with an ex girlfriend there. It was totally in the honeymoon period where you are convinced that you will be together for eternity or some long stretch of time or something. We thought it would be really cute to do one of those "JF loves etc" things that people carve into trees. But carve it into a tree we did not. nope. Because I am a punk rock fan, I thought it would be fitting to find one of the punk rock records on the wall and write it on there. The Ramones record was chosen. My relationship with that particular person is much like the state of Dee Dee, Joey, and Johnny Ramone. As you can see here I made sure that everyone goes there knows that

you know that it is me writing that because you can recognize my disgusting thumbs. Now let me apologize to anyone that had to read "4 EVA." I hate "4 eva." i have no idea why I agreed to be a part of a ''4 eva" in the first place. Thats all for now. and as usual I don't apologize for the bad grammar (This post was made listening to "Washing Machine" by Sonic Youth, but not Diamond Sea