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"Just got my passport stop Hong Kong"

Merry Christmas. Much has changed in my life. For instance I am sitting at Charlies upstairs updating my blog instead of the outdoor beer garden of the summer. For Christmas I offer my endorsement of Death Panel fanzine. Brooklyn's own Jarrod Shannahan of Weymouth first publication. Artwork by Mikey Flynn and a super sneak preview of Pierre McDuck's screen play.

Death Panel fans Jacqueline and McCuddy enjoying good lagers and good anecdotes

-Tuna Melts
-Mint Lattes
-buying hummus at Falafel Palace
-cardigan sweaters
-my Rival Mob shirt
-text messages with Austin

Monday, October 12, 2009

WBCN Studio pics

Mark Parenteau with The Channel shirt on

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Another "If I had a Time Machine" entry

So I still do not have enough money to buy a time machine, but when I do (and I will) raise the sufficient funds, I will go to 1984. Why 1984? Well let me tell you...

The time machine will magically warp me to the parking lot of North Quincy station. I'll take a quick glance at my high school which is conveniently located across the street. I imagine the school looked roughly 150% the same as it does now, so it won't be that interesting. Still it deserves a glance. Much like 3 out of 5 days in high school, i will hop inbound on the red line and go to the hub (of the universe) via Columbia station.

First I'll get off at the pre renovation South Station and walk down Summer St. I imagine with all this time/subway travel that I worked up a heck of an appetite, So i'll grab a quick slice to eat at the A street deli at the corner of Melcher st. If anyone reading this knows me, you know where I'm going next...The Gillete headquarters, no I'm just joshing you, I'm going to the Channel to see a live punk concert. I can really only afford a huffy-like quality time machine, So I only have a few hours left. After I peep the Channel, I need to head over to the Old Garden to catch a C's game. 1983-1984 was the only championship season to feature the "big 3" (DJ, Max and Gerald Henderson), so obviously I need to catch a quarter of roundball I fuckling love black athletes so much, like soo much.

After all that testosterone on Causeway st, I'll unwind in the Combat Zone... I'll hop on the orange line and take it to essex where the pink pussycat is. I know i'm only 25, but I really don't think pink cats ever existed, so I have no idea what "pink pussycat" could mean. No, there i go being a goose again, I now what they are alluding to! Well my day is done so i will head back to North Quincy, pay my $3.00 parking fare and vamouse back to 2009.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday Highlights

Photo credits Marissa Rae Cornelison via

Mike "They call me McCuddy at the L St. Tavern" McCarthy talking to a couple about the 1987 Hartford Whalers season

Here's my friend Jeff. We have known each other for almost 10 years. No homo, but for whatever reason I gave him a condom once and wrote "Terror" on it (paying homage to the band of course).

Oh Look~There's me in the 1999 World Series Atlanta Braves Hat. For whatever reason I'm smiling, No idea why because I actually had a relatively sub par night. Also, it seems as if I am having a conversation with no one.

Lucky for me, unlucky for this girl. I was able to get this unknown glass of water to listen to my "blabber." God only knows what I was talking about. If I know myself right , and I do, it was about either the 2004 World Champion Red Sox, Green Day pre-nimrod, WBCN, The Chinese stock market, Aus-Rotten, The Rat, Abandoned subway tunnels, my ex girlfriend, the random Braves hat I was wearing, Mark Parenteau, Mike K, The Celtics/Dennis Johnson/Cedric Maxwell or myself. Either way, while I do give her credit for accepting the invitation to my Quincy room, Id still give this air heart of a person an overall personality rating of a 2 out of a possible 58.

Here's my friend Sarah aka the other person wearing an Atlanta Braves hat. She actually is from Atlanta so it makes sense that she would wear an Atlanta Braves hat. At various points in my life I had Boston Braves hats, but not tonight. Regardless, she used to work at the local "Double Cheeseburger King" restaurant near my house and was actually the first person I ever gave a basketball card too. My point? I decided to retire that tired gimmick by way of giving her my box of no less than 359 various sports trading cards. She is moving to Austin, Texas, not the guitar player of my old band.

is it just me? or does this girl in the middle look like a more beautiful Chris Morgado? She is actually my neighbor, so I hope she doesn't see this. actually who cares?

Lastly, here's roughly 29.17 cases of Harpoon in a pool. "you gotta 21+ to get swim in the pool kiddo!"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Can we just calm down already?

This entry is about a friend of mine. I won't name her by name because I don't want to embarrass her. But let me explain a little bit about Amelia. By all accounts, she is a hard worker. Whether it be art school, being a waitress at the double cheeseburger king, or just being a nice person. All hard workers deserve a nice vacation once in a while to get away from their surroundings. You agree right? of course you do. So, she decides to start off the first leg of her vacation by visiting her home town of Philadelphia, PA. I don't know what she was thinking about on the Bolt bus, but I'm sure it was something along the lines of "Gee, Boston is a great city, I love it there, but I could use a few weeks off ." Who can argue that? I know I certainly can't. Especially if you're friends with me. So obviously after anticipating a break from Boston, this is the first thing she see's when she gets off the bus in Philly:

Like come on...How about that for luck? Not only was it Boston Hardcore merchandise, but quite possibly the most ignorant item out there. A BHC basketball jersey! As an added bonus, (just in case she forgot which baseball team plays in the hub) there's a giant Red Sox logo! She's a strong person and I'm sure she had already stopped thinking about it, but Boston is like a disease. The type of disease that will never let anyone take a full on vacation from it.

On a side note:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The best Wed-Fri that I have had in at least the past week. (if not longer)

(photo credit: Girl that goes to art school with an American apparel hoodie on because it was unseasonably cold. )

"Never Say Never" - Romeo Void- Now this is a song...

If you were to tell me that the moment WBCN signed off the air my life would go on a permenant (48 hour stretch) upswing, I would have said "You're crazy! you silly goose. get the hell out of here you little bastard" but I guess thats life. Always full of it's little surprises. Here's some examples of my recent good fortune.

-The Colonnade Hotel roof pool. Imagine heaven on earth, but with overcast sky's, "all right at best" looking girls, a live reggae band that played 3.4 songs over two hours, delicious ice cream sandwiches and another girl that goes to art school with an American apparel hoodie on because it was unseasonably cold.

-The Smithereens and The Kinks revisited

-Zac Greer/Big Game Chris Drane/Alex Dow concert w/ Bane opening

-Got my Statistics EP autographed by Chainsaw aka the guy who wrote "No Evacuation" by the Unseen.

-Found my Quicksand shirt

-A friend of mine named Robin hitting on a girl with the pick up line "hey whats up? are you hot?"

-Sweet Pete's outfit at the Suicide File show. At first glance these photos seem like just any other stunning photograph of Handsome Jim Carroll, but look closer. Sweet Pete (behind HJC) is wearing a Cold As Life shirt. who saw this coming? I'm not going to lie and tell you that the whole show was discussing it, but it definitely came up in one of my conversations.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mark "I am the singer of the Ducky Boys" Lind interview / Highlights of "The Trouble" thread on the B9 board part1

I Say: " can we all agree that this band is in the upper echelon?"

PBoy says:

Played/was at the first ever Trouble show which was @ The Church in Harvard. We all got drunk off cider in the pit and wandered over. A terrific opening set. Later some girl bit me on the arm and bought me a 40 as an apology. I'm stll alive, so officially a nice trade.

Probably the greatest bunch of guys to play in a band, especially when Makt joined.

Had the 2nd or 3rd ever show on tape. Was at the Rat with Ducky Boys and Vince Vega And The Beer Sluts. Tape currently is hopefully still in Gibby's possession.

Always played the greatest covers as well. Kids Of The Black Hole, Code Blue, Gang Warfare.

I thought that bass rig was Ilhan's?

Mark-Do you remember ripping it up @ the hans 4th of July 96? First night I met you. James Curran was Ike Turner drunk. Think The Ducks had just begun? Was a great summer.

I saw that dude in the first picture get KO'ed in one shot by a very angry fella because he moshed into us at a Sinners N Saints show @ The Mid East. Crumbled against the stage and the floor. Was one of the greatest shots I've ever seen.

Mike K Says: Mark Lind- so you just won a WFNX best music poll award- where's the green flight jacket with Ducky Boys on the back nowadays?

Mark Lind Says:
It's in my back hall. I just saw it the other night and I found a sticker in it from The Shining. And a receipt for a CD I bought in 1999.

Matt Duffy posts:
I ask Mark Lind: 1. "I may not have a thorn of crowns but I love the dirty water and the shit on the ground". did you ever see Crown of Thornz?

No but I was once lucky enough to see Skarhead and they were terrifying. For a second I felt like I was in the ghetto. Sorta like the white kid from Gran Torino. Do you know what I mean, dawg?

2. I've heard you tell me that you once saw Only Living Witness at a bar across from the old Boston Garden. How cool was the old Boston Garden?

It was all you could hope for in a venue. I saw Guns N' Roses there before Axl got hair plugs. Be jealous. That was on St. Patrick's Day in 1993 before Dropkick Murphys existed. I had a great time but there were many Union Electricians that had something missing from their lives that year.

3. Did you know that your old broken bass cab with the Misfits and Freeeks stickers is in my basement?

Yes. Yes, I did. You've informed me of this before. I'd like to think you use it as a table so you can play Risk. Board game only. None of that computerized shit.

4. Back to the Garden, tell me about that OLW show...

It was frightening. There were many burly men there and I weighed 110 pounds. They were all angry. I'm not sure what they were angry about. Probably that Only Living Witness was the only good band in town.

5. I have a video of a young me moshing to the Ducky Boys at the last Trouble show at the Greek American Political Club, want to borrow it?

Yes please but I'm not a good borrower. You might want to consider it more like you're giving it to me.

6. I asked Mike K this: "why does mark lind hang out with so many unloved musicians?"

now pike west, radio, crass whiyr carr, any black athlete dies to drink I ask you this..

"How good is "Back Bay Cops" by the Freeeks?

Probably one of the greatest songs ever written by high school kids or beyond. By my estimates they will be inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in 2020. I'm not sure if Ron Lacer's "Runt of the Litter" comp really qualifies as the initial release that is needed to be considered for the Hall though.

7. I recently saw you on the orange line and we continued on to the red line. Imagine if we didn't have mike k to talk about. how awkward would that have been?

It wouldn't have been awkward at all because if Mike K didn't exist then mankind would have invented a Mike K. He gives us something to believe, something to hold on to.... Something to tell us that life is worth living. I feel like if we didn't have the real Mike K to talk about then we could have talked about Figment Mike K.

8. Remember that Ducky Boys show I did at the Elks, how much did that rule?

Was that the one where I got the bloody nose cuz it was so hot in there? That was great. You're the greatest booking guy since Matt Galle traded in his Blood for Blood merch guy smock for My Chemical Romance's benjamins.

9. who's hotter? the girl from your band or the girl from the ragin teens? you dont need to answer this...

9a. would you rather play a show to a bunch of roslindale pipe fitters or savin hill roofers?

How do you make a dead baby float? One scoop of ice cream. Two scoops of dead baby.

10. How come you took the Reason Enough sticker off your bass?

Because Ian formed Reach the Sky and ruined everything.

11. Lets talk about that sick son of a bitch Jay Messina..Once when you played CBGB with Gang Green and the A-Team, I used his bass drum case to fill it with an many beers as humanly possible (12) to sneak into the club. He's awesome huh?

You haven't lived until you've had a near naked Jay Messina chase you around a hotel room in shit stained tighty whiteys trying to cuddle you. He's really hairy. And creepy if you're not into that sort of thing.

Rick Jefferson posts/says:
BUZZYS. RIP. My Papa used to take me there when I was a wee lad.

Anyway, Jimmy, this ones for you... Record release 1/1 with the SBC logo, hand drawn by Jet Flynn at the Cambridge Elks... cover art by Andy P (I think) ... sandwiched between a Vigilantes 7" and a Showcase Showdown 7".

BHC (and the like...) this ones for you... nevah hang up ya boots...

(missing from this photo out of sheer laziness... RTS demo tape, Dumptruck demo, Reason Enough 7", assorted Rodent Pop Records, a couple Mighty Mighty Bosstones 7"s, Ducky Boys split 7", a slew of other 7"s that I bought at Newbury Comics and various gigs around the Boston area from 1994-2004, and some Dropkick Murphys 7"s)

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I'm working on the print copy. bear with me

I'm pulling a Bill Simmons and giving you less updates while I work on the "IRL" version of this blog. bear with me

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Crazy things happen on the Red Line

So this morning was just another typical morning for me. I woke up a little early because I had to go back to Quincy for a second to pick something up at my Dad's house. So I shower and walk down to Harvard station and hop on the Red Line. An above average ride for me, no delay's and I listened to Ink & Dagger on my ipod. I get off at North Quincy and this is what I see:

Yes, that is a backwards pink Kangol scaly cap. So i'll offer some theory's I have about this crazy mofo.

1. He's part of the growing Asian immigrant population in North Quincy. He's waiting for an inbound train to head to Chinatown so he can pick up some groceries and see some friends. He's doesn't quite have a grasp on fashion, but it's all right cause because he's a nice guy and is enjoying his newspaper.
or (and most likely)
2. He's the ultimate hipster. He's disguising himself as part of the growing Asian population in North Quincy for the sake of Irony. He's wearing the backwards pink scaly cap to tip off people who get it. This guy is so above being cool and just doesn't care at all. I think I saw him once at a Mission Hill party in the earlier part of the decade. If its the same guy, and it could be, he's a real wild one. The type of guy that just doesn't give a fuck, or even two fucks. This guy is above living in Allston, Mission Hill, Somerville, or Cambridge. He's so hip that he can even make North Quincy work for him.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So WBCN is coming to an end? Another well done job by the powers that be at CBS Radio. I have a few questions How the hell did you make "The Rock of Boston" not work in a town full of white college kids? like how did you find a way to fuck that one up? are you serious?

of course these a rhetorical questions as I completely know the answer to them. I'll preface it by saying I hate when other people say "I'd be better at their job than they are." However in this case, it is so painfully obvious. WBCN is arguably the most famous rock station in the country. Defintely in the top 3. The current state of the radio station could be compared to the Celtics before they got Kevin Garnett. WBCN has 16 time championship level history, but has been in a continuous state of mediocrity since Larry Bird retired. The Larry Bird of WBCN would be Charles Laquidara and his Big Mattress radio program. It was a great show that had better ratings than Howard, but eventually come time to retire. Charles went to WZLX and the station kind of did a well needed spring cleaning of its music library. They were still playing the 70's rock songs with the new 90's stuff and it was a whole mess of a format from what I gather. They basically just pressed reset and started over(Which is what they should have done now.) They still had the Robert Parish of WBCN , Mark Parenteau* ,but could never get that hall of fame quality talent to get the point where they ruled the city. Howard Stern was on, so they had great ratings, but i'm talking about the non-syndicated stuff. They tried for years but constantly struck out. At least in their eyes. I always loved most of the On-Air talent. The DJ's were great, but the corporate big whigs of course found a way to make the station terrible. It was never marketed right. The early 2000's is when I got off board. Once in a while there would be flashes of greatness, but no worth all the other garbage. In the past few years I got back on board and really thought the station was making a comeback. But Obviously, that didn't happen. WBCN needed a Danny Ainge type Character. That person doesn't need to be Morman, but they need someone who is a proven winner who knows what WBCN was like when on top, yet contemporary enough to understand today's game. The thing is, the game of winning over the Boston audience isn't nearly as hard as basketball. I'm not saying I'd be better, but I would be better than whoever makes descisions over there. I was a successful show promoter for many years. It was a my job to what people liked. I can pick a part Boston culture as good as anyone. Kind of in that Ken Casey type way. Ken Casey looked at the greater Boston area and made lemonade.

*I'd only even compare the Chief to Mark Parenteau on a talent level. Nothing else. So Robert, please don't be mad. I Chose The Chief over McHale because like The Chief, Mark Parenteau still had some game left in him and was better and more in touch than Nik Carter. It would be funny if Parenteau's prison number was 00 though

Boston people are simple, but in an un-generic way.. Simple in the way that we know a ton about Sports, Music, and Sarcasm. But we know these three things so in depth that its always sickening. This is why I've never understood why WBCN has this generic as hell play list that was probably brainstormed in an conference room in Los Angeles. Most of their audience grew up buying our music at Newbury Comics. We were so priveledged to have such a great record store chain to buy music from in Boston. Other cities didn't have that. No wonder we demand more from the radio station. I'm being serious with this...If you go to a construction site in Revere do you really think you're going to hear a bunch of guys talking about BUSH or Seven Mary Three? You're obviously going to hear something like "Yo ked, you still wanna hit up that Ducky Boys show tonight, Its at the Abbey in Cambridge or something or some shit like that" Seriously nobody inside of 128 listens to BUSH. Walk down any main street in Eastern Mass. more likely than not youre going to find at least one person that loves the Misfits. If you walk down Newbury St, more than half the people there look like they like the Misfits. So If all these people are so blatenly everywhere, why don't I ever hear the Misfits on WBCN? I'm just using them as an example. You can substitute hundreds of other bands there. Actually, another great example would be The Pouges. I don't even like this band, so i'm not being biased. The station plays the same fucking songs all day. I've heard the argument a million times that WBCN has to cater to everyone, not to your needs Jimmy" Well no shit. But seriously, If you can't get a 25 year old white male from Quincy named Jimmy Flynn to listen to your rock station, you're obviously doing something wrong. I'm as generic Boston as they come. I'm the epitome of your demographic. Being a successful show promoter and just growing up around here, I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about. The thing about Boston is that even the generic people aren't generic. Some 23 year old pipe fitter from Dorchester may not have the brains to get through Harvard, but he still knows more about music than an Ivy league grad from Kansas. Everyone in Boston is the type of person that's in a band or has a buddy in a band. To take it a step further, everyone in Boston is no more than degrees of separation away from knowing someone in the Dropkick Murphys. Underground music in Boston isn't even really underground. In fact, WBCN would have been smart to jst use the whole Dropkick Murphy's recipe as a thing to start over from. It doesn't take a genius to figure out tha a Rock radio station in Boston that was 50% rock n roll, 25% Boston culture, 13% pouges/irishy stuff influenced and 12% SS Decontrol/hardcore to work in this town. Not only in fact work, but own the town.

How would this mixture of format not work in Boston? like seriously

-50% of the time play all the hits and popular RHCP, White Stripes, Weezer, Green Day stuff that. stuff that the casual listener wants to hear.
then mix in:
-25% play old bands- not Classic rock bands, but play the stuff you won here on WZLX. The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, U2, Iggy Pop, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, The Cure. Basically Leftover lunch stuff, but a little heavier. and play it in constant rotation, not just slip it in every once in a while to give your station the false image that you're cool and down with the old school.
-25% etc weekend programming like Boston Emmesions, Classic concerts, Classic BCN moment, Indie shows. Have something that appeals to the above average music listener
-25% Boston Culture- Even though its not the highest percent of what your broadcasting, its the most important. The Dropkick Murphys most famous hits are about Boston, but have you ever listened to a whole DKM record? Most of the songs aren't. People in Boston, not only physically live in Boston, but mentally don't leave route 128. News outside of Boston may as well be in a foreign country. A fistfight in Holyoke is as important as a car bombing in Jerusalem. We'd consider them both war's overseas. We respect our troops in both places, but don't want to read about them unless nothing else is going on. I honestly believe people would read an article in the herald about a silly gose falling down the steps at Kenmore station instead of picking up a USA today and reading about the cure for HIV.
-Play classic bands like the Modern Lovers, Mission of Burma, Bosstones, etc
-Play Songs from the upper echelon local bands that are new
-Play songs of our of town bands that Boston people are obsessed with like The Pouges and anything to do with the Clash
-Interviews with local Sports Heroes, Music Heroes, Politicians. whoever. Talk about local towns too. people love hearing about their city on the radio. For example, love when Crash of the T&R show talks about Quincy on T&R. It gets people talking. I know from first hand experience. I once heard him talking about The Beachcomber and Wollaston Beach. I called my buddy to tell him, then he became a listener of WBCN. He eventually stopped listening to WBCN because T&R are on way too early, but I'll get to that later.

-Also embrace the history of the Station more. They didn't really start doing this until last year and it's a real shame. People always heard about how historic it is, but didn't know why. Some things went up on their website, but there's so much more

Half the town is filled with angry, witty,and bored people. The other half are college kids. Mostly from out of town. So if you just move into your nice freshman dorm at BU and have no prior knowledge of radio in Boston, are you really going to listen to BCN? Of course you're not. Imagine this.. an 18 kid that just moves into warren towers. He just moved up here from Delaware and lost his ipod in the move. He's real bummed out , but luckily he can listen to the radio on his alarm clock. He stumbles upon 104.1 FM and "Icky Thump" by the White Stripes is playing. he's thinking "All right, this is cool. this must be the rock station in Boston, I guess I'll just leave it on here" When that song ends, all of a sudden he here's this wild guitar sound that is about as hip and relevant as tribal tattoos. The Vocals come on the song ans it's some British guy debating whether he should fly to LA to find his long lost asshole brother. In disgust, He immediately finds 101.7 and decides that listening to songs through static is better than Bush. At least this WFNX station has half a clue. 18 year old's were seriously 3 when that Bush song came out. The station library needs another complete overhaul

From what I understand WBCN was insanely popular in the 70's. They owned the town on a Bobby Orr level. The Dj's got to play what they wanted and talk about what they wanted. Infinity (precursor to CBS) radio bought the station and decides to do things their own way and water things down. What happens? you guess it! The ratings went down. The DJ's went on strike and people didn't support the station. They won their fight then, but over time the station has completely gone to hell.My point of telling you that story is that it proves that people in Boston do give a shit. We do care about social issues and good music. I know an strong hippy type Laquidara personality wouldn't be the answer, but WBCN already has what it needs in Toucher&Rich. They at least got me back on board with the station. Smart, whitty, and insanely sarcastic people who know what the hell is going on around their surroundings. I really think they only are allowed to use 25% of the potential. WBCN constantly fucks with their show and somehow they've still managed to keep it great. I've looked like an asshole defending WBCN to people just hoping maybe the station would get better. When it finally did start getting really good about 2 years ago, CBS went and fucked everything up .Lets take the Toucher and Rich show. Here we have one of the best shows in the history of the station. Popular enough to the point that they really don't even need to play music. Definitely the most successful show n the afternoon slot since Mark Parenteau* got fired. Wildly popular amongst the "people that don't get up before noon" demographic. Logically CBS radio moves them right to the mornings. Obviously the correct decision and all. Now instead of going to a party and hearing "hey Jimmy, did you hear Toucher and Rich today?" and discussing how funny is was I'll go to a party and hear "Remember that time T&R did this and that, man I haven't heard that show in forever." Great move corporate people that don't understand anything about Boston

I know that Boston Emissions, they're local rock show's ratings weren't part of the decision to get rid of WBCN, but I'm going to kick a dog when it's down. That local show is so incredibly terrible. The girl that does it seems nice and all, so its nothing personal. but that show should be called "What local washed up Rock act is playing O'Briens this week Emissions." Good riddance to that. You even have Chris Rucker working in the building who had the best local show on and you can't get him? Guy loves music and would play all sorts of local music, not just washed up Allston rock bands.

And what about the logo? Jesus Christ! We live in a town with countless artists and graphic designers. You guys come up with this piece of shit? Mr Butch could have even done something better and more on WBCN's cheap budget. I'd love to meet the guy had the final decision in choosing this. "Whoa! that logo is awesome. Our Audience can relate to that!" I bet that same guy also Drinks Mountain Dew and get vertical on the weekend. The logo looks like a logo for cooling aftershave. In fact, if the logo said "Gillette 104.1" instead WBCN, people could relate to it more because it's a local company. The old WBCN 80's/90's logo's were awesome. So awesome in fact that FNX ripped off, or at least did a new logo that matches your own early 80's logo on their new bumper stickers.

I guess you're wondering why I'm so livid about all this. I know I'm coming off as over passionate about some corporate rock station that I don't work for, but WBCN is really part of the Boston culture. The History of the Station is incredible, and maybe if they started embracing it before last year, people would realize it. I know that musicallyit's been a dying memorial to itself, but I've always held on to the fact that it could be good again. I have an emotional attachment to it. WBCN I got to skate at the old Boston Garden, see pumpkin drops, hang out on boats loaded with the peanut gallery, all thanks to WBCN. WAAF is trashier than trash, WFNX plays too many bands with synthesizers, and I don't even want bring up that WBOS mess. I guess with all this said, maybe it's a good thing that the station will be gone. Probably wishful thinking, but it does allow you to completely tear down the mess its become and bring it back later.