Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Donna Lewis' poem

Credit: Pat Whittle for this

The Boston Globe

March 23, 1995, Thursday, City Edition

Donna Harris-Lewis' poem: 'Always Believe What Your Own Eyes See'; REGGIE LEWIS NIGHT
LENGTH: 233 words

Recited during halftime ceremonies:

When Reggie was drafted it seemed like a dream, so privileged he felt to play for this team

He learned from the greatest, Larry, DJ, Robert, Kevin and Danny

to work and prepare, proud to pass on their lessons to share

He played for the best and most knowledgeable fans

The baton passed from Larry into Reggie's skilled hands

He'll share this banner with those who came before, those grand Celtic legends of fame and of lore
To win was the goal he shared with you

That his death would come soon, none of us knew

Your letters and prayers give me hope to believe that he'll be remembered for what he achieved
His last game was for you here to see

His career and life was no mystery

He was honored to wear the Celtics green

Those close knew he kept himself clean,
Though rumors now surround his death, he cared too much for basketball to risk his health

Character is one thing that never dies

Let's not believe these harmful lies
Pledge to his memory we'll honor his name

He had a full happy life and gave all to this game

With 'Nique, Dee, M.L., Paul and the rest of the team, a new era has begun to carry on the dream
The incomparable patriarch has shared the lessons of years past

Let's hope in the future, Red's wisdom will last

From all those who loved Reggie but especially me always believe what your own eyes see.