Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zine Fair Saturday in Cambridge

Tonight I was walking through my old neighborhood of Allston, MA on my way to go put myself in an awkward situation with a girl. That doesn't really make me much of a unique person because I'm a fan of punk rock music and the sub culture thing. Chances are that if you grow up around Boston and are a fan on those things and girls you will probably have one of those situations. It probably won't even be awkward but I hope it is. Thats another story for another time though. So anyway, the walk here got me to thinking about how many times I have walked by these dogs on Harvard Ave. in my lifetime.They are always sitting at the door at The Pet Shop and seem to live a pretty decent life. My favorite is the Saint Bernard but I wish he had one of those jugs around his neck like in cartoons and real life. He also doesn't remind me Beethoven in case you were wondering. My favorite time seeing these dogs was with Jarrod Shanahan of Deathpanel Press. He opened the door and proclaimed "I hear animals in there Ventura." That probably makes no sense to anyone who hasn't seen Ace Ventura. So if you havn't seen the film I highly suggest getting Netflix(They have a good deal where the first month is free.)

Let's fast forward 6 or so years to this upcoming Saturday. Jarrod has moved to Brooklyn and I relocated even less far away to Somerville. Our friendship has thrived this way. Gone are the days of being competing with eachother, fighting over girl's honor, and partying on Gardner St.

Back in the 2000's when I used to live in Allston,
this was a Pizzareia Uno and apparently something called Agua Pub.
Now, much like Bradlees and Magic Johnson's health concerns, it no longer exists.

To get to my overall point.. this upcoming Saturday Jarrod and I will have our respective zines (and the painkiller distro with bayer, tylenol, advil, etc) on display at this: